Web Development

We at FenShu Services focus on creating effective and memorable website designs for our clients. With over Twenty (20) years experience in the business, we excel at it; we aim to always deliver results that go beyond.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation aims at optimizing sites that naturally drive visitors who convert and become customers. At FenShu Services, we take the time to ensure your site gets the best placement possible in the various search engines

How do I get started?

  1. Discussion & Consultation – We discuss what you wish to achieve from a website. Who are your competitors? At this stage we do a very basic SWOT analysis to ensure expectations can match reality
  2. Mapping – This is the stage where the basic layout for the site is set. Our method of demonstration is via flowcharts
  3. Prototyping – This stage will be based on your company’s colour scheme, and style agreed upon. In most cases the first prototype will suit your needs (hopefully)
  4. Development – After the prototype is approved, now begins the building out of the site. Of course, input is encouraged along the way so that both parties are happy
  5. Maintenance – After the approval and launch of the website design, FenShu Services offers one year of free maintenance with the option of renewing maintenance yearly.